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7 Reasons Why You Need A Podcast

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1. Podcast is the fastest growing content channel
Worldwide, podcasting has grown at a rate of 10% to 20% every year. Podcasting in South Africa has grown at a rate of 50% in past 12 months. Smartphones drive podcast growth. This will continue to grow with smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Google has made podcast a top priority. What Google has done for videos with Youtube in the last 10 years, they are doing it for audio content as they start indexing podcasts.


2. Podcast has a lot less competition compared to videos and blogs
There is significantly less competition with only 700,000 podcasts compared to 50 million Youtube channels and 500 million blogs. For every podcast out there, there are at least 70 Youtube channels and 700 blogs. Imagine starting a blog back when Tim Feriss started The 4 Hour Work Week in 2007 and you’ll get the idea of where podcasting is today.

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3. Podcast audience are highly engaged
Not only is the audience size growing, the level of engagement is increasing. Podcast listeners are highly engaged because the medium offers passionate, highly targeted, on demand content. There is nothing more intimate than having your voice speak directly to your audience in their earphones. Podcast is highly personal and consumed “where and when I want it”.


4. Podcast allows you to access a new set of audience
Unlike other content, podcast listening happens with no screen time, meaning you get their undivided attention. This is a whole new set of audience that is paying attention to your message when they are commuting to work, running on a treadmill in the gym, or cooking at home.

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5. Podcast listeners are loyal, affluent and educated
Podcast listeners listen to all or most of the entire podcast episode. Podcast listeners are big earners and big spenders. Neilson Podcast Insights showed that podcast listeners are more likely to own a smart speaker, subscribe to Netflix, and spend more than the average consumer. Podcast listeners are more likely to have advanced degrees.

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6. Podcasting makes it easy for you to demonstrate authority
Interviewing experts in your niche will position you as a leading learner and an authority. Leverage your market connections while educating your community. When you ask your guest for an interview on your podcast, you bring value to your guest. Sharing customer success stories will help you gain new insights while growing your community.


7. Best of all, podcast is a high conversion channel
According to Acast, 76% of podcast listeners take action. Want your listeners to follow through with a call-to-action or opt-in, just ask. More followers lead to more prospects, more prospects lead to more customers.

What Is Included

Get your first episode launched within a month.

We will bring you 10,000 listens in 24 episodes.

We work with you to create your biweekly podcast over a period of 1 year.


We will work with you to launch your podcast:

  • strategy and pre-launch calls

  • advise on audio equipment setup

  • audio branding included

  • podcast logo included

  • podcast hosting fee included

  • checklists and templates

  • release of first episode within a month

(R19,970 value)

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Send us your audio recordings and we take care of the rest:

  • audio editing

  • removal of ‘uhms’ and ‘ahhs’

  • adding intros, outros and sponsor message

  • adding metatags to MP3 files

  • adding episode artwork

(R30,900 value)

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We will take care of the publishing of each episode:

  • uploading of podcasts onto podcast hosting platform

  • schedule release on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and all major podcast apps

  • write show notes

  • create blog post on your website

  • full transcription included

(R25,170 value)

We will repurpose your podcast to further increase listeners:

  • create audiograms and publishing to your Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts

  • create Youtube video and upload to your Youtube channel

(R23,800 value)

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You will get access to me and my team for 1-2-1 mentoring and feedback to improve quality of your podcast content, covering:

  • storytelling and interview techniques

  • advise on guest list

(R13,200 value)


As a member of Buy1 Give1 (B1G1) we make a contribution for a good cause for every episode we release.

Every podcast we publish, we support people with hearing impairment.


Join now and be one of only two impact podcasters to launch your podcast in May of 2019.

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Success Stories

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If you want quality, committed, personal service, I highly recommend Woon Tan of Podcast Publishing.

- JP Dallmann, Host of Impact Leaders

Woon is really entrepreneurial and understands the goal of the podcast. I really recommend hiring Podcast Publishing and you will get a tremendous amount of support and it will free up your mind to push the podcast to the next level.

- Maiko Schaffrath, Host of Impact Hustlers

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I have worked with Woon for quite sometime. As a package it really help make sure that this important part of the marketing of my business was delivered on a regular and consistent basis.

- Adam Woodhall, Host of Inspiring Sustainability


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About Podcast Publishing

Our purpose is to share your voice to accelerate the impact that you can make in the world.

You are driven by the impact you create through the work you do. Your work is important and creating a successful podcast is a long-term game. It will be an honour to play a small part in contributing to your success.

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After starting my journey into podcasting in 2014, I realised how powerful podcasting was as a way to learn, share and grow a business. Off the back of my podcast, I was able to leave a 10 year career in insurance and transitioned into a new role in community management, working for London’s sustainability tech community.

When friends needed help in setting up and growing their podcasts, I realised that there are still a number of key issues in being able to seamlessly create podcast content and hence I launched Podcast Publishing in 2019.

Launch your first episode with Podcast Full Service Concierge.

Apply now and be one of only two impact podcasters to launch your podcast with us this month.


Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible. Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking.
— Stephen Hawking